CK600 - CK1500

The CK series door opener is designed for residential up and over garage door use, up to 30 sq.m.

Exquisite appearance, remarkable performance and easy installation.
DC24V motor, the affordable solution for sectional garage door.
Built in control unit with 433.92 MHz receiver
Built in LED courtesy light
Setting buttons on the opener cover, convenient for programming.
C model rail (optional for metal or aluminum) length 3300mm for opening up to 2400 mm, include installation chain accessories and guide systems.
Available for pre-assembled tracks, 0.75m/pc, 1.1m/pc, total length 3 m or 3.3 m.
Soft start and slow stop function

Technical Specifications
Model CK600 CK800 CK1000 CK1200 CK1500
Power supply 220V/110V
Motor DC 24V
Output torque 600N 800 N 1000 N 1200N 1500N
Door area 9 Sq.m. 12 Sq.m. 16 Sq.m. 20 Sq.m. 25 Sq.m.
Door moving speed 12 cm/sec
Remote control range ≥30 m
Extra remote control 25
Frequency 433.92mHz)
Noise ≤56 dB
Working temperature -20°C~+70°C
Relative humidity ≤90%
Transmitter power 27A 12V Battery
Courtesy light time 3minutes